academia | short cv

DME 1x1I have studied Philosophy and Political Science in Leipzig and Paris (1998-2004) and written my master thesis in 2004 on „Just Wars - Today?“. I have finished my doctoral thesis on „The Notion of Interpersonal Violence and its Moral Evaluation“ in 2010.

From 2004-2009 I have worked as an assistant to Prof. G. Meggle at the Institute for Philosophy at the University of Leipzig.

Since 2009 I am working at the Ethics Centre of Zurich University in a project on Military Medical Ethics, which I am leading. The research in this project concentrates on issues in medical ethics encountered by military healthcare personnel. In addition, it has a training component for international military health care providers and includes advising on ethics in military medicine.

Besides the above-mentioned Medical Ethics & Miltary Medical Ethics, my main research fields include Just War Theory, Political Philosophy, and Applied Ethics in general.