“Sometimes, the world from above seems too beautiful, too wonderful, too distant for human eyes to see.”
― Charles A. Lindbergh

"Je vole car cela libère mon esprit de la tyrannie des choses insignifiantes."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I started to learn paragliding in 2013. from the first small flights, I've been fascinated by the experience of flying, feeling the air move around me, looking at the world from high above, and feeling the ground again after a short or long moment in the air. even though every flight is a great experience, some unforgettable moments in the air have been flying over marmolada in the dolomites, toplanding after a restitution flight on the plateau above panchgani (india) or just a short top-to-bottom after a nice hike up some mountain. looking forward to many more such experiences to come.

paragliding instructor

I am a paragliding instructor working with robair gleitschirmschule.


in 2017, out of a spontaneous idea, we created our first t-shirt with a paragliding motive. soon, a second motive was painted and we decided to offer the t.shirts to others well. the idea of fäderliecht (Swissgerman for "featherlight") was born and has since then evolved.

faderliecht logo2we continued to develop the idea of offering paragliding pilots other products that we developed, like our logbook with an analysis and (self-) learning tool, a wall calendar and the playing cards with Swiss paragliding sites. all can be bought in our small shop.
it remains somewhat a hobby, but with a lot of time and energy invested in :-)

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