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Link to chapter


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Direct Link.

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More Information.


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More Information.


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More Information.

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Info page at Ashgate's website

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In: Die Tagespost, 31.08.2013.


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Paderborn: Mentis.
Link (Publisher's homepage)
Info about the book (pdf)

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Darin: "Introduction" (mit B. Koch) & "Ethical Decision Making - A Framework Adapted for the Military Context" (co-authored with M. Huppenbauer)


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Link (Publisher's homepage)

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In: Die Tagespost, 09.04.2011 S.9


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Link (Publisher's homepage)

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In: Die Tagespost, 16.01.2010, S.9


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(Jahrbuch der philosophischen Fakultät der Universität Belgrad)


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ISBN 3-937202-68-4


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Paderborn: mentis, 2003. S. 147-165.
ISBN 3-89785-381-7

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PDF (~500 kb)

Meßelken, Daniel: Moralphilosophie oder Realismus? Kommentar zum Beitrag von Ulrike Kleemeier.
In: Philokles. Heft 1/2, 2003, S. 29-32.
ISSN 1437-806X
PDF (~4MB)

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